Background Checks

Comprehensive Background Checks

Our background check and pre-employment screening service is a total, comprehensive search designed to make sure you know who’s working for you. Where most background check services utilize just one database to pull information on applicants, OPS Security Group cross-references three databases for far better accuracy in investigating and validating backgrounds.

Keep Your Team Safe

Background checks protect employees

Avoid the liability that comes along with hiring an untrustworthy employee and maintain your company’s integrity. Unlike most online background checks, which only have the ability to verify a citizen’s social security number utilizing a single database, our background checks cross-reference three databases to provide information on the candidate’s past criminal record to ensure that you stay compliant with local, state and federal workplace requirements.

Avoid Prejudices

Fair background checks for applicants

Your prospective employees benefit from knowing that their credentials will be vetted by a trustworthy, professional source that respects their right to be treated seriously and to be considered without prejudice or judgment. To best mitigate your potential liability we verify all criminal history through three separate databases.

Do you need background check services?

OPS Security Group’s background check and pre-employment screening is perfect for schools and childcare service as well as legal offices, government positions and non-profit firms. Get the peace of mind and the quality employees that only OPS Security Group’s background check service can offer.

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