Commercial Security Guard Services
for Your Office Building

Keep your corporate office building running smoothly with building security

You’re a property manager of a commercial building, you know tons of people walk in and out of your building every day. Your front desk security staff should represent the brand image you envision for your property.

Make the right first impression with a front desk concierge who welcomes employees and visitors and ensures proper protocol is followed in your building.

Remember, the front-desk concierge serves as more than just a friendly face. They also look out for unwelcome guests who pose a threat to your building and the people in it. OPS provides 24/7 commercial security services which include:

  • Foot patrols of the property
  • Parking lot inspections
  • Monitor & review security cameras

The employees and staff in your building can go about business as usual with your tight-knit commercial building security squashing any potential interruptions.

Increase revenue & employee comfort with commercial security guard services

Increase lease renewal rates

A security guard company provides the added comfort that encourages businesses to renew their lease. On average, our clients report a 10% increase in occupancy and a 20% boost in retention.

Charge a premium rate for better amenities

Not every commercial building has a security guard service. Property managers of commercial buildings offering higher tier security services can charge higher rates on their leases.

Limit authorized access to your property

A front desk concierge can implement a secure sign-in protocol to ensure only people with authorized access can enter your building. This important policy is key to your building’s safety.

Protect your property & its assets

Whether guards man the concierge desk or patrol the property, their presence will repel any would-be threats to the people in your building. Guards will also monitor your property’s surroundings to keep it that safe and secure.

Increase your property value

You’ll raise the value of your commercial building by hiring a security company to watch over your property, especially a security guard company with a customer service mindset like OPS.

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On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.

2017 OPS Customer Survey

Building Security Services for Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas

Our main location is based out of Philadelphia. Our security guards know the city and are familiar with the surrounding areas. This helps us provide better services to you.

Organize your building procedures with commercial building security consultants

A busy office building needs an organized security group equipped with an operations manual. Whether your commercial office building houses many companies or one large company, building procedures can get messy.

OPS Security Group will ensure your building has an organized building security plan by developing a policy and procedural manual. The operations manual will be crafted specifically for your property and will ensure your guards follow standard processes for the long-haul.

OPS will also keep an open line of communication between management and employees, keeping everyone in the loop. This way you can count on your security guards to handle the bustling people in your corporate building in an orderly fashion.

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