Construction Site Security

Security for Construction Sites

At OPS Security Group we know how demanding your job can be. Overseeing a large operation with so many moving parts is a lot, even for the most talented management companies. We can lighten the load and give you peace of mind. Because that’s what OPS Security Group is all about, the peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about it all.

24/7 Security

All Day Site Surveillance

At OPS Security Group, we’re here to lighten the stress of the modern construction site by bringing certified and trustworthy security professionals to your project. With OPS Security Group’s construction site security, your site will be under 24/7 surveillance, protecting your workers during the day, your site at night and during delays in construction caused by inclement weather or disruptions due to labor disputes. We monitor the comings and goings of the site, keep logs and make sure only authorized individuals are allowed access to the site.

Site Theft Prevention & Accident Response

Responsive site security

OPS Security Group’s construction site security reduces site theft during the day and after hours through a comprehensive patrolling schedule created with your project management team. Our construction site security service will make sure all equipment that has to run 24/7 will run 24/7. Our team is also trained and prepared to take the lead should worst come to worst. We’re ready to respond to emergencies and call EMS and fire services for back up.

If you’re managing a construction site, you know your site is constantly bustling with activity. Aside from your daily workers there are deliveries of materials, new hires, visits by management and architects. The team at OPS Security sets your mind at ease with their quality service guarantee.

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