Executive Protection

Executive Security & Bodyguards

OPS Security Group always seeks to deliver peace of mind in whatever service we’re needed in. Our executive protection and bodyguard services provide safety for those with a high risk of threat due to income, association, geographic area and public exposure.

In addition to top-notch security and safety, executives can also experience the benefits of:

  • Lower corporate liability while traveling
  • Clients are given more freedom to move due to reduced risk of harm
  • Lower insurance costs due to reduced risk
  • Family peace of mind

Experienced bodyguards for Executives

Our executive security professionals work with our clients to establish the logistics of our protection and how best to enhance their public and private safety day-to-day, at home, work or traveling. This service is perfect for a variety of clients such as:

Corporate executives

High net-worth individuals

Civil rights advocates

We protect the best. Schedule your consultation today.