Fire Watch

Stay Safe with Fire Watch

When your fire detection system is down, all of the smoke detectors in the world can’t help you. This is where OPS Security Group Fire Watch service comes in. Your tenants are safe when the building fire detection system is offline or malfunctioning and your business remains in compliance with fire regulation. Our fire watch officers patrol all parts of the property while the system isn’t working correctly, is on test or is powered down.


Corporate offices need just one person in the building on fire watch and you can use front desk staff.


Correct fire watch procedure, as defined by the state of Pennsylvania, requires one designated fire watch official for every five floors.

Fire might seem unlikely, but it happens!

Our certified fire watch staff patrols anywhere the smoke detection services does not reach. We patrol every 30 minutes, reporting any sign of fire to the fire department and emergency services immediately. Our fire watch service keeps highly detailed logs and reports for every shift, ready to be shared with management and emergency services. Don’t trust the safety of your tenants and your property to luck. Trust experienced, professional fire watch officers.

Fire watch is a vital job. Don’t regret it later. Act now and enjoy the peace of mind that you’ve gotten everything covered.


“I have a smoke detecting system in my building, so I don’t need fire watch.”


Often with large properties, you might not have smoke detectors in every part of your property. Fire can spread and you never know when a few flames might lead to something catastrophic.

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