Government Security Services

Secure the Nation with OPS Security Group

OPS Security Group’s Government Security services are designed to protect sensitive government sites and to aid those in need during natural disasters. As a registered SAM and FEMA contractor, our highly qualified individuals are trained in professional, quick response in the case of an emergency at a government owned building or in local communities.

Our registration numbers are as follows:

SAM #023094422
DUNS # 023094422

Benefits of OPS Security Group Government Security:

  • OPS Security Group is highly qualified and educated in government policies for security.
  • OPS Security Group provides safety for your government organization— allowing you to continue your daily operations.
  • Those under the government organizations- communities, families and government employees all benefit from the added security and reassurance brought about by professional, experienced security personnel. 

SAM, PEMA and FEMA Registered Contractor

We are a registered SAM, PEMA, and FEMA contractor, capable and ready to respond to any emergency throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.


This service is available to any and all government bodies including:

Department of Defense

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Any and all federal, state and local governing bodies

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