Labor Disputes

Security During Trying Times

Union strikes can be a difficult time for everyone involved, regardless of personal alignment. OPS Security Group’s labor dispute service gives employers, employees and unions peace of mind in knowing that a qualified, independent and impartial third party is in charge of the safety of your staff during a labor dispute. All of our labor dispute personnel adhere to strict media discretion and use video and audio documentation for injunctive purposes and for handing over to authorities when necessary.

Secure Your Business

Security for unions and employees

Our labor dispute service offers certified patrol and security staff with the option of both armed and unarmed perimeter protection to deter incidents. OPS Security Group promises safety for both leadership personnel and employees when traveling through the union perimeter at the start of work and at the end of the day. This includes special protection for executive leadership and all key personnel. We also offer employee escorts through the strike perimeter, including special vehicle escorts for employee and company vehicles entering and exiting the property. Our labor dispute personnel are experienced in union strike tactics and practices and are able to demonstrate appropriate countermeasures and responses to incidents that occur while the strike is going on. OPS Security Group is dedicated to keeping your business running during labor disputes, protecting from sabotage on roadways and parking lots as well as internal sabotage within the company.

If you want the best in labor dispute management to keep your employees safe during a labor dispute, then there’s no better choice than OPS Security Group.

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