Security Guard Company Serving Jersey City, New Jersey Residential & Commercial Properties

Add to your property value with front-desk concierge & security guard services

OPS Security Group’s highly qualified concierge and security guard services strengthen building security and organization for Jersey City, NJ residential and commercial buildings.

We ensure our security guards are certified so they can add value to your building security and use their customer service mindsets to add value to your front-desk concierge. OPS security consultants relieve property managers of stress with our quality security and customer service your building’s employees and tenants will appreciate.

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On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.

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Building Security Services for Jersey City & Surrounding Areas

OPS is located southwest of Jersey City, NJ across the Jersey & PA water front in the city of Philadelphia. Our security guards know the city and are familiar with the surrounding areas. This helps us provide better services to you.

A few of our clients…

Employing a high-quality security guard company adds value to your Jersey City, NJ property

You walk in your million-dollar lobby and you find your security guard is snoozing with his feet up on the front desk. This type of unacceptable behavior immediately devalues your property. Invest in security guard services where the staff works as if they’re posted in a million-dollar plus lobby.

As a property manager, you’re responsible for exceeding the expectations for quality of security and the presence of your building. Hire a security guard company whose staff aligns with your building’s brand image.

Make the workers or residents in your Jersey City property feel safe

A 24-hour front desk concierge gives residents reassurance

Jersey City’s economic boom in industries such as finance, insurance, and real estate has created a lot of job growth. The more people working in the city means more demand for commercial and residential buildings, not to mention security for those buildings. It’s important you can promise safety and comfort for the workers and residents in your building. Investing in a 24-hour front-desk concierge reassures people that their home, office, and neighborhood are a safer place to live.

OPS building security services & hospitality are inseparable

We combine customer service and security

OPS security guards and concierge bring a high degree of professionalism and warm hospitality to the workers or residents in your building, in addition to building security.

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Jersey City Building Security Services

Commercial security company for corporate buildings in the Jersey City area

Commercial properties need to filter people in and out every single day, from morning to lunch hour to when work ends. Your front desk concierge should capture those employees and staff with their first impression and engage each one when they greet them.

But past smiling at employees when they scan their entry badge, your front-desk security needs to be on the lookout for outsiders posing a threat to the community within your commercial property. OPS provides 24/7 professional commercial security services including:

  • Foot patrols of the property
  • Parking lot inspections
  • Monitored security cameras

A locked down security strategy keeps business running smoothly in your commercial building with no interruptions.

5 Reasons To Hire Commercial Building Security

  1. Increase lease renewal rates for long-term tenants
  2. Charge a premium rate for better amenities
  3. Implement sign in system to protect building access
  4. Improve building safety from vandalism
  5. Increase value of your property as an asset

Residential security company for Jersey City multi-unit homes

OPS’s security guard’s main priority resident’s safety in your building and making them feel at home. Our security team will secure your property for the residents and brighten their days with their pleasant personalities.

Beyond warm greetings, our concierge will also make residents’ lives a little more convenient. Our staff can sign for deliveries for residents, such as:

  • Groceries
  • Dry cleaning
  • Mail Packages

5 Reasons To Hire Residential Building Security

  1. Charge premium rent for amenities
  2. Improve lease renewal rates
  3. Increase value of your property as an asset
  4. Attract quality residents to your property
  5. Improve building safety from theft or vandalism
What Our Customers Say

“I would be more than happy to recommend OPS Security Group to anyone and this is what I will say: OPS Security Group’s personnel are always well-trained, courteous, responsible and responsive, and that you had wonderful insight into the source of my problem, and adapted your strategy, until you found a solution that worked.”

— Leslie Z., Corporate Client

OPS mixes high-quality security guard service with hospitality

Even the most advanced security skills can be learned, but we believe a customer service mindset is something you’re born with. It comes naturally to a person.

We select new security guard hires that offer the amiable qualities of a customer service representative. Once our security consultants have matched candidates to your property’s security needs, we sharpen their building security skills so they’re catered to your property.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use security guards who have been trained by and worked for other security companies. We want all of our security professionals to adopt our professional standards from the start.

We put our new recruits in an intensive, pass-fail training program in order to become a certified OPS security guard. Through our training program, you can trust only the most qualified and

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