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Increase the value of your property with friendly concierge & building security

OPS Security Group offers a friendly front-desk concierge and organized security guard services including security patrol that improve building security for Washington, DC residential and commercial buildings.

On top of top-tier certifications, our security concierge has a true customer service mindset. Our security consultants and guards deliver high-level security and customer service to relieve the stress of property managers, residents, and tenants.

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On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.

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Building Security Services for Washington, DC & Surrounding Areas

Our main location is located a few hours north of Washington, DC in Philadelphia. Our security guards know the city and are familiar with the surrounding areas. This helps us provide better services to you.

A few of our clients…

Don’t settle for anything less than a quality security guard company for your Washington, DC property

You don’t want people to see a sloppy or sleeping security guard in your million-dollar lobby. It makes a bad first impression. So make sure your front desk staff represents your business when on the job.

As the property manager, you have control over the quality of security staff and the brand presence they create. Hire a security guard service that acts as a security consultant and assigns guards who make the brand of your building resonate with people.

Make your Washington, DC property a safer place for workers and residents

A 24-hour front desk concierge gives residents reassurance

Washington, DC’s booming government, education, and healthcare institutions create a demand housing in the inner city. The more people move into DC, the more important it is that those people feel safe in the places they live, work, and play. Investing in a 24-hour concierge and security guard service gives residents reassurance that their home, office, and neighborhood are safe places.

Building security works better when joined with hospitality services

We combine customer service and security

OPS security guards and concierge set high standards for the hospitality they provide the people in your building. Our security professionals have a customer service mindset and will treat the workers or residents in your building professionally.

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Washington, DC Building Security Services

Commercial security guard services for corporate buildings in the DC area

There are always people moving through the front doors of your commercial property. Hire a concierge desk that gives employees a warm greeting whether they’re walking through the entrance or out the exit.

In addition to hospitality, your concierge and security guards need to be on the lookout for unwelcome guests and keep them out of your building. OPS provides 24/7 professional commercial security services including:

  • Foot patrols of the property  
  • Parking lot inspections
  • Monitored security cameras

An extensive security strategy keeps business in your commercial building running smoothly.

5 Reasons To Hire Commercial Building Security

  1. Increase lease renewal rates for long-term tenants
  2. Charge a premium rate for better amenities
  3. Implement sign in system to protect building access
  4. Improve building safety from vandalism
  5. Increase value of your property as an asset

Residential security company for Washington, DC condominiums & apartments

OPS’s security guards make it their duty to keep residents safe and make them feel at home. Our security staff will make residents feel secure no matter where they are in the complex and won’t hesitate to make friendly conversation.

Beyond greetings and smiles, our concierge staff will go above and beyond to make residents’ days a little easier. Our staff can sign for deliveries for residents, such as:

  • Groceries
  • Dry cleaning
  • Mail Packages

5 Reasons To Hire Residential Building Security

  1. Charge premium rent for amenities
  2. Improve lease renewal rates
  3. Increase value of your property as an asset
  4. Attract quality residents to your property
  5. Improve building safety from theft or vandalism
What Our Customers Say

“The NGLCC has relied on OPS Security Group to provide event security for our annual gala dinner in Washington and we could not be more pleased. The team is courteous, professional and delivers a level of expertise that is seamless and customized to fit our changing needs.”

— Chance M., NGLCC

Our security guards offer safety in a friendly atmosphere

We believe the fundamental security skills can be trained, but a customer service mindset is inborn.

We will find top-tier candidates that can deliver the welcoming touch of a customer service representative. Once we’ve picked the best candidates for your site, we move onto training them on how to provide security where your property needs it most.

Unlike other companies, we don’t reuse security guards who have worked for other security companies. We want fresh minds who will adopt our professional standards from the get-go.

We put new hires through an intense pass-fail training program. Our training program guarantees that only the most qualified and prepared security guards will watch over your property.

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