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A front-desk concierge is vital to building security and organization. OPS Security Group offers the best front-desk security guard services with highly qualified and certified training in building security. Our security concierge are also customer service professionals who will take the stress and hassle away from property managers, residents, and tenants.

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On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.

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Building Security Services for Wilmington & Surrounding Areas

Our home base is located north of Wilmington, DE, a few miles up I-95 in Philadelphia. Our security guards know the city and are familiar with the surrounding areas. This helps us provide better services to you.

A few of our clients…

Hiring a security guard company is essential for your Wilmington, DE property

Imagine walking into your building’s million-dollar lobby to see the guard sleeping at your front desk. This is unacceptable.

As the property manager, you are responsible for the image of the building and the comfort of the people in your building. Lackluster building security degrades the value of your property and is a bad sign to people onsite.

Choose a security guard service that will act as a security consultant and assign guards who are willing and able to represent the brand you are building.

Downtown Wilmington is Growing. Your Building Security Should Adapt.

A 24-hour front desk concierge gives residents reassurance

The growing banking and tech industry in Wilmington, and the subsequent flux in housing demand, have created a need for better security in the city. As a property manager, you should invest in your security enough to match your property.

OPS combines top rate building security with hospitality service

We combine customer service and security

OPS Security Group offers highly-qualified, certified and competent security service professionals. Our security professionals excel at providing hospitable customer service to your workers or residents.

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Wilmington Building Security Services

Commercial security company for corporate buildings in the Wilmington area

Whether you’re managing a co-op workspace, a shared office building, or a main corporate site: many people move in and out of your doors throughout the day.

We believe all your employees and guests deserve a friendly face at the concierge desk welcoming them and wishing them a nice day when they leave.

But your security guards should also be on the lookout for the not-so-welcome. In addition to 24/7 professional security, OPS Security Group’s concierge desk offers:

  • Foot patrols of the property
  • Parking lot inspections
  • Monitored security cameras

This keeps business running smoothly and should leave you feeling secure that your commercial property is under the surveillance of professionals.

5 Reasons To Hire Commercial Building Security

  1. Increase lease renewal rates for long-term tenants
  2. Charge a premium rate for better amenities
  3. Implement sign in system to protect building access
  4. Improve building safety from vandalism
  5. Increase value of your property as an asset

Residential security company for Wilmington condos & apartments

OPS Security Group’s concierge will ensure your residents are safe and feel welcome when they’re inside the building’s front door, not just their apartment door.

Our front desk concierges can sign for deliveries for residents, such as:

  • Groceries
  • Dry cleaning
  • Mail Packages

5 Reasons To Hire Residential Building Security

  1. Charge premium rent for amenities
  2. Improve lease renewal rates
  3. Increase value of your property as an asset
  4. Attract quality residents to your property
  5. Improve building safety from theft or vandalism
What Our Customers Say

“I would be more than happy to recommend OPS Security Group to anyone and this is what I will say: OPS Security Group’s personnel are always well-trained, courteous, responsible and responsive, and that you had wonderful insight into the source of my problem, and adapted your strategy, until you found a solution that worked.”

— Leslie Z., Corporate Client

Our security guards deliver security with hospitality

You expect the best. So, we start by hiring the best: we don’t recycle the same people you’ve seen at other companies.

Our people start fresh with a friendly attitude and customer service approach.

OPS then puts new hires through a comprehensive training program that must be passed to continue employment.  Our security consultants will ensure you will only see highly-qualified and trained people at your site.

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