Philadelphia, PA Security Guard Services

OPS Security Group provides security guard services to Philadelphia, PA residential and commercial buildings

Add to your property value with front-desk concierge & security guard services

Our security concierges have valuable security certifications and a customer service mindset. OPS security consultants will relieve stress from property managers shoulders by delivering our quality security guard services to the employees and tenants in your building.

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On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.

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Building Security Services for Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas

Our home base is in Philadelphia, PA. Our security guards know the city and are familiar with the surrounding areas. This helps us provide better services to you.

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Hiring a top-notch security guard company is critical for your Philadelphia, PA property

An unprofessional, slobbish security team can devalue a million-dollar lobby in the eyes of the people your building. That’s why it’s important to invest in a security staff which looks the part, doing their job in a way you would stand behind.

As the property manager, you can control the quality of the staff and presence of the building. Choose a security guard company whose staff represents the brand you are building.

Create a safe place for workers and residents

A 24-hour front desk concierge gives residents reassurance

Philadelphia has experienced a huge population boom in the last decade. The spike in people has led to billions spent on constructing commercial and residential buildings. It’s now more important than ever to ensure the safety and comfort of the workers and residents in these buildings.

Building security goes hand-in-hand with hospitality services

We combine customer service and security

In addition to building security, OPS security guards and concierge exceed expectations for professionalism and provide friendly customer service to the workers or residents in your building.

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Philadelphia Building Security Services

Commercial security company for corporate buildings in the Philadelphia area

Tons of people walk in your commercial building every day. Make the right first impression with a concierge desk that does more than acknowledge them, but welcomes them.

In addition to greeting the employees in your building, your front-desk security should also lookout for unwelcome guests. OPS provides 24/7 professional commercial security services including:

  • Foot patrols of the property
  • Parking lot inspections
  • Monitored security cameras

A tight knit security strategy maintains business as usual in your commercial building without interruptions.

5 Reasons To Hire Commercial Building Security

  1. Increase lease renewal rates for long-term tenants
  2. Charge a premium rate for better amenities
  3. Implement sign in system to protect building access
  4. Improve building safety from vandalism
  5. Increase value of your property as an asset

Residential security company for Philadelphia multi-unit homes

OPS’s security guard’s main priority is to keep residents safe in their buildings and make residents feel at home. Our security staff will create a safe atmosphere for the residents throughout the building and make them feel good with warm conversation.

Beyond smiles and compliments, our concierge staff will make every effort to make residents’ lives a little easier. Our staff can sign for deliveries for residents, such as:

  • Groceries
  • Dry cleaning
  • Mail Packages

5 Reasons To Hire Residential Building Security

  1. Charge premium rent for amenities
  2. Improve lease renewal rates
  3. Increase value of your property as an asset
  4. Attract quality residents to your property
  5. Improve building safety from theft or vandalism
What Our Customers Say

“As a Regional Property Manager, it is very important to have the very best security on my properties. OPS Security Group provides that stellar service for me. OPS offers the most professional, helpful and flexible service in the Philadelphia region.”

— Ed, Regional Property Manager, EB Realty

OPS services delivers top-notch security mixed with hospitality

Even the best security skills can be trained, but we believe a customer service mindset is something you can’t learn. It’s innate.

We pick top-of-the-line new hires that offer the welcoming touch of a customer service representative. Once our security consultants have chosen candidates that are good matches to your property’s security needs, we hone their skills so their security guard services cater to your property.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use security guards who have been trained by and worked for other security companies. We want all of our security professionals to adapt to our professional standards from the start.

We put our new recruits in an intensive, pass-fail training program in order to become a certified OPS security guard. Through our training program, you can trust only the most qualified and competent guards will watch over your property.

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