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Whether we’re managing the front desk at a busy office or a cozy apartment residence, a front desk concierge is vital to building security and organization. OPS Security Group offers the best front desk concierges with highly qualified, certified and competent security and customer service professionals to take the stress and hassle away from property managers, residents and tenants.

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A busy office building, potentially housing many different companies with many different people going in and out throughout the day, needs intelligent, organized, friendly faces as front desk concierges to welcome employees to work. In addition to 24/7 professional security, OPS Security Group’s front desk concierges offer foot patrols of the property and parking lot inspection to curb violations and tow unlawfully parked vehicles, as well as monitor and review security cameras. This keeps business running smoothly and Property Managers secure in the knowledge that their commercial property is under surveillance by professionals.

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OPS Security Group’s front desk concierge brings all the skill and organization of a bustling office building to the quiet lobby of an apartment building, with special care for the individual needs required by your property. Our front desk concierges can sign for grocery, dry cleaning and package deliveries, as well as make replacement keys in the event of a resident being locked out or forgetting their key. We’re trained to manage and pre-authorize guests like cleaning services and dog walkers. We also help Property Managers by fielding resident complaints, processing maintenance work and conducting other general building customer service. Your tenants deserve a highly motivated, exceptional front desk concierge service and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that you’ve hired an exceptional security and hospitality service like OPS Security Group.

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Flexible security services

At OPS Security Group, we seek to develop a site-specific policy and procedural manual for the front desk concierges working at your property. We coordinate with building management and building staff to help ensure standard processes are followed and lines of communication are open to ensure an active and responsive dialogue between tenants, management and OPS Security Group.

Don’t entrust the security and management of your property to just anyone. Put your property in the capable, confident, certified hands of OPS Security Group.

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