Residential Security Services That Combine
Hospitality, Security, and Service

OPS Security Group offers building security services for condominiums, apartments & multi-building communities

Imagine a front-desk security guard service that makes your residents feel welcomed when they walk in the door. OPS security guards believe that a hospitality-first approach is the best way to improve the value and security of your building.

Our front-desk concierge staff provides a professional customer service from greeting your residents to helping make their lives more convenient. In addition to traditional security guard duties, our guards improve the convenience of your building by:

  • Helping carry groceries
  • Signing for packages
  • Making replacement keys

Our guards are also trained to manage and pre-authorize guests like cleaning and
dog walking services.

Onsite Security Self-Assessment

5 Insights for Property Managers
that Help Retain More Tenants

Increase revenue & tenant comfort with
residential security guard services

Charge premium rent for amenities

A front-desk concierge is an amenity that conveys security and convenience which residents appreciate. Property Managers who employ a residential security guard service can charge higher rent for added peace-of-mind.

Increase lease renewal rates

A security guard company provides the added comfort that encourages tenants to renew their lease. Our clients report a 10% increase in occupancy and a 20% boost in retention.

Increase your property value

You’ll raise the value of your commercial property by hiring a security company to watch over your property, especially a security guard company with a customer service mindset like OPS.

Attract quality residents to your property

Building security communicates how seriously you take your building’s brand image. A residential property with a security guard service will filter out troublesome tenants and bring in tenants who value amenities over cheaper rent.

Protect your property & its assets

Keep your commercial clients safe with trained security professionals. Whether guards man the concierge desk or patrol the property, their presence will ward off any would-be threats to the people in your building. They’ll also monitor your property’s surroundings to keep it that way.

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On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.

2017 OPS Customer Survey

Building Security Services for Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas

Our main location is based out of Philadelphia. Our security guards know the city and are familiar with the surrounding areas. This helps us provide better services to you.

Organize your building procedures with our residential building security services

OPS Security Group’s concierge brings tact and organization to the lobby of your residential building. They provide specific care for the individual needs of your property.

OPS also lends Property Managers a hand by helping:

  • Field resident complaints
  • Process maintenance work
  • Conduct other general building customer service

Your tenants deserve a highly-motivated, friendly concierge to greet them as they come and go. As a property manager, hiring OPS means that you are improving your brand with a hospitality-minded residential security services company.

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