Virtual Concierge

The Only Virtual Concierge Surveillance Systems Provider in Philadelphia

OPS Security Group is the only security contractor in the Philadelphia region to offer virtual concierge services. For properties that are looking for an affordable alternative to a standard call box or for after-hour coverage in the evening when your staff returns home, OPS Security Group’s Virtual Concierge service gives your tenants and residents the continued security and reliability of a front desk staff from a remote command center located nearby.

24/7 Virtual Surveillance

Our Video Surveillance Agents are Nearby

The OPS Virtual Concierge service provides support from industry leaders in building security, offering fast response for situations that require on site security personnel. Our command center is located in the region, not outsourced, and is staffed 24/7 by OPS team members who understand your property and the nuances of the everyday life of your tenants. Our Virtual Security staff can dispatch police, fire, EMS and maintenance services, grant remote access to the building, secure rooms such as mail, laundry and common areas, as well as help tenants that are locked out.

Keeping Tenants Safe

Virtual commercial & home security systems keep tenants safe

The goal of our virtual concierge is to keep your tenants and residents safe and secure, prohibiting non- authorized individuals from fishing for entry. With the virtual concierge, buildings do not need to put personal names on call boxes, so tenant and resident information remains secure.

OPS Security Group maintains an active communication with tenants and Property Managers with monthly reporting as well as representation on resident associations like homeowners associations and condo boards. OPS Virtual Concierge service also allows for pre-approved entries such as dog-walkers and cleaners. Our service also reduces the chance of tenant package theft, with our command center granting deliveries access only to secure mailrooms.


this service is flexible

OPS Security Group can offer a blended model of on-site and virtual concierges, with an on-site front desk concierge during the day and virtual concierge at night, all the while maintaining the same level of security that OPS Security Group delivers in all of its security services.

OPS Security Group is a regional leader in quality comprehensive concierge service specializing in cutting edge virtual concierge services.

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